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How to style your hair using our "Herbal Hair Butter"

Hair styles and treatments you can do using our Herbal Hair Butter:


Coils or "finger coils" 

    What are coils and or " finger coils?" - Coils and finger coils create the same shape in the hair, the diffrence is whats being used to create the coils. Finger coils are made using your fingers, while coils alone can be created using a tool, such as a comb. 

    How are finger coils created? - Finger Coils are created when a section in ones desired size is pinched at the root then twisted down the shaft and around the finger to the ends of the hair in a circulir or spiral motion. Your hair should continously wrap around your finger until it meets the ends . For best results using this method, keep a firm but gentle grip on the base of your coil ( the closest inch to your roots) while you twist and wrap the section around your fingers.  

    How do I form coils using a comb? - Finger coils can be done using a variety of parting styles. The first thing you will need to decide on is the shape of your parts. random where you 

    Can men style their hair in coils - Yes, everyone regardless of gender can style their hair in coils, this includes children

    How do I use the Herbal Hair Butter when doing coils or finger coils? 

      1. Apply a small amount of butter starting at the root and massage to reap its hair growth benefits.*The amount of butter you will use on each coil will vary depending on the size of each section. However, our butter will melt and coat the hair, enhancing the healthy apperace of your hair with the perk of experiencing long lasting shine, so the less is always better.*
      2. Work the butter down the shaft to the ends concentrating on smoothing, defining and eliminating frizz.
      3. Twist in a spiral motion from root to ends and once your coil is formed secure the section with a clip. *If you are using a tool, such as a comb to fo
      4. Once your full head is complete, blow dry on cool. 


      How to use our butter on braids or twist

      On freshly washed, detangled and damp hair, section to desired size, apply a very small amount of butter starting at the root to reap its hair growth benefits, work the butter down to the ends concentrating on smoothing and defining and eliminating frizz then braid or twist.


      Childrens Ponytails

      (This example is worded for children’s’ hair) - On freshly washed, detangled and damp hair, apply a pea sized amount to your hands and rub throughout the hair before blow drying on cool or brushing and styling into a desired ponytail or ponytails.


       Hair treatmenst you can do using our Herbal Hair butter

      Oil treatment for growth, luster, and softer feeling hair– Section your damp hair into medium parts and apply the butter to your hands. Rub your hands together to melt the butter into an oil and apply it to your parts starting at the ends. Work your way up to the shaft to the roots and massage your scalp for 10 minutes. Let rest for 1-8 hours then remove with a clarifying shampoo.

       Scalp – Our herbal hair butter can replace hair grease and or oils. Apply the butter to the scalp using your fingers and massage.



      Essential reminders fo the usage of this product:

      • The herbal hair butter should only be used lightly and never on hair that is dry or has present product buildup. When our Herbal Hair Butter is used on clean and damp hair, its able to deliver nutrients better while helping to  retain moisture that you can feel without the hair being weighed down and greasy.


      • A clarifying shampoo should be used to remove this product from the hair to prevent buildup. Co-washing to remove this is not reccommended. Buildup can temporaily dull the definition of your curls, cause the hair to become dehydratred, unresponsive to treatments and brittle. 

      To prevent buildup, we advise to only use this product oh freshy washed hair with a lightweight liquid (Example: water) applied beforehand and or a gel at the end of styling.

      A satin lined scarf or bonnet should be used nightly to both protect and prevent   premature moisture loss in the hair. Covering your hair at night can also help  to prevent hair products from transfering on to bedding and skin.