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CoCraftedCreations is a sister owned hair, skin, and soulcare business dedicated to providing healthy, and natural solutions for ones hair, skin, and inner being. 
CoCraftedCreations was founded in 2019 by the youngest sister, Jorhaniya. Launched in the state of New Jersey in 2020, Jorhaniya and her eldest sister Breya made a step into their dream of catering to the hair, skin, and innerbeing of those seeking quality personal care and superior customer service. 

The brand name “CoCraftedCreations” was inspired by the relationship and mutual interest between the two sisters positioning hair care as their main focus. 

Growing up the eldest would practice braiding on the younger sister’s hair while she slept, gaining moments of practice and giving her something stylish to wake up to.

As the younger sister aged, she became more interested in hair care and started to make her own hair stylers and treatments.When satisfied with her concoctions, she would test them on her sister. Having this mutual interest in hair pulled them closer and till this day these two sisters struggle to keep their hands out of each other’s hair.


Meet The Founder Jorhaniya Wallace – CoCraftedCreations