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Meet The Founder, Jorhaniya Wallace.

Hello, and welcome. 

My name is Jorhaniya Wallace, and I am the Founder of CoCraftedCreations.

Jorhaniya K Wallace. The founder of CoCrafatedCreations. Jorhaniya  is showing a side profile while holding a camera and looking into one. This is a black and white photo where Jorhaniya is wearing a black turttle neck with her hair styled with short bangs and a bob haircut. This picture is captured from the waist up.

CoCraftedCreations is a hair, skin, and soul care business dedicated to providing quality personal care for those who take their needs seriously. 


Currently, Haircare is our main focus. 

Our skincare collection is growing to become centered around the body, while our soul care collection continues to grow with the focus on relaxation and personal time. 

Although I am not present while you read this, I'm elated with each thought that enters my mind of someone taking the time to learn about Co CraftedCreatons and myself. 

Instead of typing up the best side of me, I've answered a few questions that combine my thoughts and CoCraftedCreations purpose.  


How did you get involved (the inspiration) in Haircare?

Growing up, I never liked my hair. I viewed it as undesirable because my relatives were vocal about how unmanageable, nappy, and short it appeared.

Seeing that their hair was free from the unsatisfying conditions, I accepted that I just had "bad hair" while never questioning my hair care.

My mother chemically treated my hair so that it could be more "manageable," but she failed to teach me how to take care of my processed hair properly, so it appeared uneven and brittle as it sat unpleasantly on top of my head.

For years, my insecurity forced me to hide and camouflage my hair in any way possible. It was not until I was eighteen that a small section of my processed hair had fallen out, revealing the true texture of mine.

I had never seen our touched my hair in its natural state, and watching it grow out of my scalp was rewarding to both my inner child and my confidence. For some time, I believed that my natural hair was not good enough because of my mother's lack of knowledge and patience.

While on my natural hair journey, I learned how to care for my hair, and from there, I realized that all hair is good, but not all hair care isn't.

- Jorhaniya

What does Haircare mean to CoCraftedCreations?

CoCraftedCreations is pro/all for "a person wanting their hair to look the way they want it to appear." CoCraftedCreations hair growth products are not meant to promote the message "only long hair is beautiful," Our hair growth products are intended to help you achieve the "look" or hairstyle that best satisfies you.

If growing out a haircut, wanting more volume, thickness, and or length helps you create the look that you want, then we want to cater that to our customers with products that offer quality and satisfaction.

Aside from our hair growth products, CoCraftedCreations strives to push the message of natural hair being beautiful while offering products to help maintain the overall health of it.


How did you get involved (the inspiration) in skincare?

 Ever since I was ten, I experienced problematic skin; this enabled me to gain interest in learning about ingredients and exploring different skincare products. 

CoCraftedCreations is actively reviewing products for our collection that will provide natural solutions to common skin concerns (dark underarms, thighs, necks, knees, and elbows), as well as general skincare items (cleansers, creams, butters, lotions, and oils).

- Jorhaniya 

What does skincare mean to CoCraftedCreations?

CoCraftedCreations is pro/all for "a person wanting their skin to look the way they want it to appear. Whether it is targeting a concern or nourishing the skin, we want to cater to our customers with the best ingredients. 

Here at CoCraftedCreations, we believe that you can be beautiful in any way that you choose to be, and if that means targeting a concern (hyperpigmentation, spots, etc.) to enhance your beauty or to be more comfortable in your skin, then do so for you.

"It's not a crime to want to alter the way you look to become more comfortable in your skin. None of us have asked for our looks or our lives. Our faces are generations old and new to us, meaning that we can look like our parents and our parents can look like their parents and so on, and one day, we are given a face that is random and new to us.

"Not only do you have to learn to accept the looks you are given, but you may be subject to acne, scars, and other skin conditions that you also did not request. So no, I do not believe that it is a crime(self-harm) to want to "correct" a skin condition or what is left from one. It's really up to you."  

How did you get involved (the inspiration) in soul care?

"Childhood trauma and the lack of confidence inspired me to prioritize soul care in my personal life. I spent years being a people pleaser while neglecting my mental health and my inner being. When things finally got chaotic enough that I found myself alone and self-destructive. I looked to books and podcasts surrounding spiritual and personal growth and experienced an emotional/spiritual awakening myself. 


My new thought process enabled me to be my biggest project, and now I currently dedicate time for myself, even if it is just practicing deep breathing while enjoying a cup of tea. I want soul care to be a part of CoCraftedCreations because it improved my life."


What does Soul care mean to CoCraftedCreations?

CoCraftedCreations is pro/all for personal growth/self-improvement.

Selfcare is a form of Soulcare, and we aim to influence our audience to make time to cater to their inner being.

Our soul care collection will grow to feature and provide items dedicated to spending time with you.